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Christmas tree classification
Edit: Ningbo April IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD    Date: 2014-04-10
Christmas tree species
    ①: Natural Christmas Tree
    Abies (Abies), after this kind of needle -shaped leaves dried leaves not falling, color and smell good, but other types can also be used . General North European common: silver fir , white fir , Nordmann , Korea sweater , Wei spruce, spruce and other Serbia .
    ②: Artificial Christmas Trees
   Classified by raw material
PVC Christmas Tree Leaves advantages : cheap. Disadvantages easy stabbed people .
Christmas tree pine needles advantages: the whole tree look more plump , compression is good, is not easily deformed.
PE leaf tree advantages: security , compression is not easily deformed ; Disadvantages: higher prices .
   Lighting by Category
Wrapped around the Christmas tree lights : ordinary tree is wrapped together with a series of lights. There is usually a string of 50 to 100 caps. It features: brightness enough, the tree is not restricted , low prices.
LED lights Christmas tree : the tree wrap is the ordinary LED lights Christmas tree. It features: cold , provincial point , lamp style diversification.
Fiber tree : the tree is the ordinary optical fiber with . Its features are: cold , like the wind , like changing the color change .
   Classification by grade
Low-grade Christmas : Christmas is a simulation of low-grade material, low production costs, poor quality of materials .
Mid-range Christmas : the quality of materials , production costs, quality of the price generally moderate Christmas tree.
Luxury Christmas : 6 meters above the ordinary Christmas tree , you can freely add your favorite decorations , lighting, ornaments , angels and so on.
   Classification by structure
Tied to a tree : tree leaves using the bundled , paste , etc. binding on the tree branches.
Auto tree : Christmas tree branches on the tree trunk is fixed by metal clamps , clips , etc.
Hanging Tree : Christmas tree branches using upside down , hanging on the Christmas tree and other methods to settle in the trunk .
   By color : red , white, pink, brown, purple , red Christmas tree symbolizes fire Yan enthusiasm ; purple Christmas tree on behalf of elegant and luxurious, verdant green Christmas trees and other means .
   Classified by shape : shape can be freely according to their own preferences to design, such as Christmas flowers do Christmas trees, Christmas trees and other beer bottles do .
   Place by Category:
Indoor Christmas : making out Christmas trees, Christmas trees and other common indoor Christmas tree.
Outdoor Christmas tree : Milan leaf trees, Christmas trees and other outdoor classes for outdoor Christmas tree.